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Controlling Cravings

Cravings can jeopardise your weight loss if you give in.

When you're experiencing intense food cravings, try to identify whether you're truly hungry or if it's triggered by emotions or boredom. 

Try these tips to help you on your journey to weight loss success: 

  • Distract yourself – have a bath, phone a friend, surf the net.
  • Have a drink first – water, low sugar squash, cup of tea.
  • For chocolate cravings try a low calorie hot chocolate.
  • Do some activity instead – go for a walk, get on the exercise bike.
  • Have a healthy snack instead – fruit salad, veg sticks.
  • Plan your meals – so you know what you're eating and when.
  • Eat a healthy Breakfast – start the day off the right way.

If you do give in, limit your snack to just 100 calories – fun-size chocolate bar, low calorie crisps etc. 

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