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Your Christmas Guide: Stay on track during the festivities

Christmas is almost upon us (where did the year go!!) and work and social Christmas parties will be on the forefront of many people’s minds. If you are feeling at all anxious about navigating your way through the festive season (surrounded by food a lot of the time!), we hope this helps put your mind at ease and gives you some tools to conquer the season like a pro.

Work/client parties:

Many people are faced with numerous parties they need to attend and are left wondering how they will navigate eating out during this time.

Some top tips are:

  1. If you can choose the venue - try aim for tapa bars as their portions are already small and therefore easily manageable. If not, remember you can always order two starters.
  2. Many venues/menus would have already been chosen by your manager/company - if this is the case, try aim for a starter and a main meal (if two meal options need to be chosen). Finishing your meal isn’t important. It’s about being together and celebrating the year.
  3. If the food at your work parties is usually unhealthy snacks, try eat beforehand to avoid being tempted or over eating on food you would rather not eat.
  4. Alcohol intake is often a struggle over Christmas. Try find a drink that you enjoy that doesn’t have fizz (sleeve/bypass). Remember alcohol is often high in sugar and can cause dumping, so try ensure you have eaten something beforehand (ideally high in protein!)… and stay hydrated with lots of water in between if possible.
  5. If you have a band, remember you can eat and drink at the same time - but remember your 202020 rule. Eating around others while socialising can often make you forget to follow this rule, so try and be as mindful of it as you can when eating/drinking out.
  6. Bypass and sleeve patients - remember not to eat and drink at the same time which can be a difficult rule to remember in these situations. But bear in mind, these events often last for a few hours- so take your time. Socialise. Eat. Drink. And have fun.
  7. Alcohol may affect you a lot quicker after your surgery. You may want to ‘trial’ drinking alcohol when you are at home in a comfortable space, so you are aware of the affects before drinking in a social environment.
  8. Christmas menus often mean lots of options - try not be anxious if there is food on your plate or on the menu you don’t feel comfortable eating. Leave what you aren’t able to eat, and enjoy what you are.

Friends/family parties:

Not everyone has told their friends or family about their surgery and they are worried these type of events will put them in the spotlight. If possible, try have at least one person in your family or friends circle that is aware of your surgery and can act as a buddy support for you.

  1. If you are concerned you won’t be able to eat what is provided, aim to eat beforehand (if appropriate) or only eat what you are comfortable eating there. No pressure. Remember this is your health and your journey.
  2. Remember that eating a small plate of something tasty is just as enjoyable as eating a large plate. Take your time and enjoy it.
  3. It is the festive season, so don’t feel bad about having a pudding here and there. Remember the 202020 rule and listen to your bodies queues of when you are full.
  4. This season can centre around food - which is hard for many people. Try challenge yourself (and others!) to do an activity rather than just focusing on eating - go for a walk in the forest, along the river or in a nearby park! Being outdoors with others (even in the cold!) is a great time to connect and catch up. Take your favourite cuppa, dress warm and enjoy some fresh air.
  5. Being out and about visiting family and friends can throw out our usual routine. Try remember to focus on your protein targets and more importantly, remember to stay hydrated! Keep a bottle of water/squash with you when out and about.
  6. Remember festive food can be richer and packed with more salt, sugar and fat than you may be used too. So try focus on eating small and often as usual (sleeve/bypass) or focusing on your usual 3 meals a day (band/bypass). By eating to our regular eating pattern, you might avoid struggling with any digestive issues such as bloating, dumping, reflux, nausea etc.

Christmas often means sweets and chocolates in abundance in our houses. If people do come over and are aware of your surgery, try be honest with them and ask them not to bring anything that will tempt you. Keep the treats out of the house if possible! Not seeing the temptation daily can really help.

Try stay active. I know its hard in the cold and dark but it really helps with elevating your mood and remaining focused. It can even help us stay in some sort of routine. Remember any activity you do will be beneficial for weight loss and for boosting your mood. 

If you are a goal orientated person, set yourself some goals over the festive season. Whether that’s food orientated, exercise orientated , or people orientated. Focusing on catching up with those that we have been too busy to reconnect with over the year.

Remember that moderation is key. Be honest with yourself if having junk food in the house is a temptation. It’s not a weakness to be honest about what you struggle with and what you don’t. Put structures in place to help you if that is what you need to do. Things to consider - don’t have sweets in the house, if you are going to have a pudding - take a small piece and pack the rest away, if you are going out for a meal - don’t order a pudding etc.

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