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Takeaways and Eating out

Your weight loss journey is about a lifestyle change, however that does not mean you can’t have take-aways or eat out at a restaurant ever again. We are here to try and help you make healthier choices when eating outside of the home- so that you can still enjoy yourself, have something tasty, special and not feel guilty. We all know that eating at restaurants and fast-food establishments can be unhealthy; this sheet is here to help guide you on making healthier choices when eating out. 


Some proteins are higher in saturated fats and salt than others, so try keep these things in mind when choosing meals:

  • Fish is the leanest protein – always a good choice
  • Try choosing protein that has the least fat or cut the fat off (e.g.: cut the fat off pork or lamb chops)
  • If ordering chicken- try take the skin off before eating if possible
  • Try choosing meat/fish that has been grilled- avoid deep fried food as much as possible
  • Try avoiding processed meats like sandwich ham, bacon, pepperoni as they are high in salt & fat and low in protein.

* Don’t forget about plant-based protein like soya, tofu, quorn, lentils, beans and nuts.


Our diets often consist of far too many carbohydrates. Remember to aim for carbohydrates covering only a ¼ of your plate. Keep in mind that carbs can be a brilliant source of fibre and even protein (e.g lentils and beans). But they can also be very processed, high in fat or sugar- like pastries, white bread, fried chips. Always aim for carbohydrates that are high in fibre- such as wholewheat pasta, lentils, quinoa, sweet potatoes, oats, wholewheat bread - they keep us fuller for longer and helps with constipation. Some ideas when eating out: substitute fried chips with baked potato. When getting a takeaway lunch, aim for bean/quinoa salads or sandwiches on wholemeal bread/wrap. 


We all know that we should include more vegetables in our diet- but how do we do that when eating out? In a restaurant, try aim to have a meal with a side of vegetables or salad where possible. You can often swap the carb portion for a salad/vegetable if you ask. Some meals have vegetables in them, so they are good options too- such as a stir-fry, some pasta dishes, noodles soups etc. When grabbing a meal on the go – always look for ones with salad in them, like wraps, bean salads, quinoa salads etc. 

Healthier takeaway meal substitutes:


  • Choose 1 carbohydrate not 2- either naan OR rice.
  • Order a side of salad or vegetables if possible.
  • Aim for tomato-based dishes like jalfrezi, bhuna, tandoori rather than creamy dishes like korma.
  • Limit the fried sides like papadums, samosa, pakoras etc.  


  • Try order a small pizza with a side of salad.
  • If you going to have a meat-based pizza, try aim for ones with chicken rather than processed meats like pepperoni, bacon, salami etc.
  • Try aim for pizza with vegetables on them like olives, peppers, mushrooms, spinach etc.
  • Try choosing a pizza without too many sauces (e.g., BBQ sauce) as these tend to be high in salt and sugar.  


  • Try aim for dishes that have vegetables in them such as chicken and cashew nuts, prawns with broccoli etc.
  • Try avoiding deep fried foods and rather op for grilled options such as grilled rather than deep friend squid.
  • If ordering a noodle dish, try and order a side of vegetables to accompany it.
  • Dishes in sauces, such as sweet and sour, will be higher in salt and sugar so try limit your intake.  

Pub food

  • If ordering meals with pastry such as pie- try remove the pastry before eating it.
  • Try ask to replace your carbohydrates with some salad or vegetables.        
  • Added sauces such as brown sauce, BBQ sauce, ketchup all tend to be high in salt and sugar. Try reducing these where possible.
  • If ordering a sandwich, choose granary rather than white bread.
  • Avoid fried foods where possible.
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