The first 6 weeks post band surgery

What to expect within in the first 6 weeks post gastric band surgery

The first 6 weeks of surgery can be difficult because the band is completely new and there’s a lot to learn! Try our guide of coping with the first 6 weeks and starting your new weight loss journey

So, your band journey is well under way by now – you will have probably thought about having one for awhile, researched it thoroughly then made the decision to go ahead. Before surgery you will most likely have followed a pre – op diet to shrink the liver then the surgery has gone ahead. So now the new part of your journey begins – getting used to the band and understanding how it all works.

For the first 6 weeks, the main focus isn’t actually on losing weight at this point but is in fact about going through the early diet stages on your way to getting back onto normal a normal diet. The band isn’t likely to be working yet and in fact it can take a number of adjustments before the band is working properly – this is called the green zone when your band is optimally adjusted. That means the level of fluid in it is right for you and it is controlling your portion sizes and hunger. This can actually take up to 6 months (on some occasions even longer)

You may have lost weight on your pre – op diet which is great however don’t worry of you don’t lose much more weight over these early weeks. Remember you won’t have the help of the band just yet so usually any weight loss now will be down to your own hard work. Sometimes your weight may go up a little – this can be due to you getting back onto normal foods after a very restricted pre – op diet. Also the glycogen levels in the liver will have depleted during the pre – op diet and once you get back onto normal eating the body will replenish these stores. However, everybody is different – in some cases the band may kick in quite early but if not please be patient

At some point in these 6 weeks you will likely have your first band adjustment and so your new weight loss journey begins properly

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6


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