What happens when I reach my target weight

What a lovely dilemma to have – what do you do when you reach your target weight. Read on to find out!

Firstly let us congratulate you on all your hard work and dedication. I'm sure you have had your ups and downs during your journey…. But truly well done on working with your band to get to where you are today.

Many people wonder and worry what happens when you get to your goal weight…??? Does the fluid have to come out..??? Will I start to gain weight again…??? Patients worry that with previous diets once they have stopped them the weight tends to go back on, and is this the same with the gastric band.

Firstly the gastric band is not a diet as such, it is a ‘fabulous’ tool to help control your portions and hunger, aiding weight loss. It is adjustable and will be adjusted throughout your journey having fluid in or out as required.

When you get to your target weight, you might not necessarily need your band at the controlled level that it is. You can discuss with your nurse/dietician about having some fluids removed out of your band, enabling you to eat a slightly bigger portion. This will hopefully stop the weight loss and give you a more stable maintenance weight.

Some patients who have hit their target weight want to have their band fully aspirated. Some patients on the other hand only want a very small amount removed. Again this is down to the individual and what works for you.

Unlike being on a diet, your band is there giving you the support daily (as long as it is adjusted optimally) So work with your band, choose healthy were you can and don't forget to exercise often.

Don't worry if you've had your band loosened and you notice your portions, hunger or weight creeping back up, this is not uncommon – it is just that likely your calories will have increased with the change in the level of control from the band. Some patients also feel a surge of hunger that they may not have felt for a while.

If this is the case, and you are trying your best with healthy diet and exercise, you can always consider a small adjustment of more fluid back in to help you to regain some of the control back. That is what makes the band such a valuable tool, as you can adjust it specifically to what works for you, no matter where you are within your journey.


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