Different Journey’s

From one band journey to the next

Comparing band journeys is something you naturally all will do, which is normal and totally fine.... But what you need to remember is that for all you might come across similarities each band journey will have there differences that's for sure. People adapt differently to the band, for example...likely is that the naturally slow eaters will find the adjustment phase much more straight forward. The reasoning for this is simply because with each adjustment of fluid into your band will narrow the opening to your stomach, which will mean if you eat quickly you could get a collection of food above the band which could cause you some pain or even regurgitation (to bring food back up into your mouth). So this is something You can start to put in place before your operation, and will really help you out in the long run. Don't panic if your completely the opposite!!!! let me reassure you on this one, slow eaters are the minority, trust me... so this shouldn’t get in the way of your fabulous weight loss journey, it's just something you might find needs a little more working at throughout the different phases. 

Other differences could include how hormones, heat, altitude, illness, stress and other factors can effect different people. Again throughout my years of nursing band patients this really can vary quite significantly from one person to the next. So one rule doesn't necessarily fit all. My advice for this is to get to know your band and what influences it. You being on the ball in regards to assessing and adapting your approach should help you through short term tightening episodes (should you get them) without irritating your band/stomach. Which should allow you to go back to how it was once the temporary tightness resolves. 

If you feel your having more tight days than normal, you need to consider could your band simply have too much fluid in....???? I would advise you speak with your nurse or dietitian for an assessment and de fill if required.


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