Demi McCoy

Demi always struggled with her weight and used to use food for comfort. She remembers, “Eating made me feel good, but afterwards I’d feel terrible, so I’d eat again – it was a vicious circle, and I could see that I was never going to get out of it. I felt like I was the chunky one in my friendship group and I just didn’t want to socialise anymore.”

“I used to do a lot of personal training and I had managed to lose quite a bit of weight, but when I had my kids in December 2015, I was constantly tired and couldn’t fit my PT sessions into my new busy life,” she adds. “I really needed something to help me, as my portion sizes were also getting very out of hand. After the babies, I was 14 stone and just didn’t feel confident.”

Demi tried various slimming diets, but nothing worked. She says, “My PT sessions were the only things that had ever worked for me, but now I just didn’t have the time. I was living on Lucozade because I had no energy, and I was just getting bigger.”

Demi decided to get a gastric band in March 2018. Her brother-in-law had recently had gastric balloon surgery,  and she initially went in for a consultation about this. However, as she wanted something more long-term, during her consultation a gastric band was discussed and it sounded like the right option for her.

“My mind was made up, and I just decided to go for it. I was a bit nervous on the day of the operation, but I was excited too,” she smiles.

Demi McCoy

It took Demi two weeks to recover from the operation. During that time, she had to have a liquid-only diet to help her body prepare for the change the band had made, before she could move on to soft foods.

“I had to change my whole mindset around food, which was hard. The hospital offered support, which I declined as I didn’t think I needed it, but I wish I’d taken it up. For anyone having the operation, I’d definitely recommend that they take the support on offer. Luckily, I had lots of friends and family around me who could be there for support too.”

Following the surgery, Demi saw a consistent weight loss of a couple of pounds each week and she’s managed to maintain her healthy eating and lifestyle. She’s completely changed how she views food. “My whole way of thinking has changed,” she explains. “If I eat a treat, I won’t feel bad. There are some things I no longer have, like chips and bread, because I don’t feel well after eating them, but you’ve got to try these things to know what you can and can’t eat. I’ll substitute them for something like crackers or, if I’m going out for a meal, I’ll have a steak and garlic mushrooms.”

She adds, “I just wish I’d had the band sooner! It’s really helped to change my life and has made me so much more confident. I’ve got more energy, I’m more active now, and I have a different attitude to my health. 

“I felt so insecure before – I never used to show my arms - but now I wouldn’t think twice about wearing a vest top and I’ll wear a swimming costume on holiday. It’s also great to be healthier for the girls, and because I’m making all our meals from scratch it’s better for them too.”

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